Provide a “huggable” bit of comfort for children when they come into your clinic. Comfort Frog is a wonderful way to wrap the children in its soft arms and legs to provide hugs and a greater sense of security. Comfort Frog has weighted hands and squeakers in one finger on each hand to help children communicate non-verbally. There are hearts sewn on its palms and it is machine washable. Comfort Frog is produced in the USA.

Froga for Comfort Frog closed


We also sell a hospital-style gown for the Frog and what I call a Froga – Frog toga.  This can be used in between the patient and the frog so there is no direct contact between the two.  The Froga is easily changeable between patients.  The gown for the frog is available in a puzzle design fabric and a lily pad fabric.

Puzzle gown for Comfort Frog

Puzzle gown


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We have had wonderful success in the field of autism as well. Comfort Frog is also being used successfully in counseling centers here in Michigan.

The weighted frogs sell for $325.  The Frogas are $10.  I sell a hospital gown for the frogs for $25.  You can chose from a lily pattern or a puzzle pattern for the gowns.

Froga for Comfort Frog open


Lily pad gown for Comfort Frog detail

Lily pad gown


Puzzle gown for Comfort Frog detail

Puzzle gown


I am the ED at the Baton Rouge Children’s Advocacy Center and one of our law enforcement officers won the Comfort Frog in Dallas a few weeks ago.  She gave it to our Center saying, she thought it was the perfect place.  We didn’t know how perfect it would be. We had a 10 year old whose adoptive parents killed each other in a murder suicide.  It was very high profile and the child was initially brought here for an interview.  He is on the lower end of the autistic spectrum and our therapist was asked to deliver the news about his father’s death.  Since he doesn’t like to be touched he hugged the comfort frog instead.  Today she had to tell him about the second death.  She brought the frog in the room and when he started crying – instead of her drying his tears she suggested using the frog hand.  He did and it was the most touching thing we have ever seen here.  Thanks for creating the comfort frog.  Wish I had thought of it.


Unfortunately, due to continually rising costs, this website is scaling back. Please contact Laura, at 616-394-5212 to place your order.